Job description

A New Jersey-based Flavor and Fragrance company is seeking a Fermentation Engineer. Qualified candidate will be responsible for the set-ups, monitoring and downstream processing of bioreactor operations at the lab and pilot scale. This job requires both hands-on experience, as well as the ability to analyze and interpret data to improve and optimize existing processes in a dynamic, collaborative and fast-paced work environment. Fermentation Specialist will assist in the development and execution of fermentation procedures for the production of flavor compounds considering the logistic challenges arising from the migration of lab-scale optimized bioprocesses to the industrial scale. The fermentation engineer will also perform weekly inspection and maintenance of large-scale fermentation and downstream processing equipment.

Self-motivation, positive troubleshooting mindset, and initiative are highly desired qualities in this fast-paced environment. The position also requires conceptual design and experimental validation of designed processes. Responsibilities:• Set-up of fermentation experiments: medium preparation, sterilization, inspection and replacement of filters, addition lines, and microorganism’s seed-train growth propagation.• Carry out semi-automated fermentations using a variety of microorganism strains.• Monitor the course of a fermentation in time: understand different fermentation phases, changes in pH, dissolved oxygen and take corrective actions accordingly to reduce batch-to-batch variations.• Assist in the development, standardization and execution of fermentation operating procedures (SOP) in accordance to the food-manufacturing industry…

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