Job description

Boskalis has executed multiple design and construct projects in the field of coastal protection throughout the past decade. Examples of some notable projects are the Maasvlakte II port extension, Hondsbossche and Pettemer Sea Defense, the Dangote Sandy Breakwater and the Marker Wadden. A key feature of these projects is using sand to construct a new beach or nourishment, that forms a dynamic coastal defence. Evidently, the shape and development of the cross-shore beach profile during and after construction is an important topic for the design of such projects.

Your responsibilities as a intern at the Hydronamic department: Your assignment is to collect, organise and analyse data from the above and several more projects to answer the question what the influences of construction method, sand characteristics and environmental conditions are on the cross-shore profile that is created during construction. You will compare academic literature with the real data to confirm existing theories and/or identify knowledge gaps and, where possible, add new insights. Your results will aid the design of future projects and will also aim to define follow-up MSc research into the short-term development of such construction profiles.  During the internship you will also get a first-hand insight into…

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