Job description

You’ll be trained by the experienced analysts as well as you’ll sit side-by-side with a seasoned trader. You will be responsible for collecting the relevant data for the countries Northpool is active in. You are able to keep the data up to date with our various tools. Not only are you able to operate the various tools, but you are also able to fix and improve them.

Once you’ve acquired the fundamental of our Intraday Trading team, we’ll put you to work on several projects. Updating models and tools and maintaining procedures and operations. You have an eye for detail and you make sure that the operations on the Intraday Desk runs smoothly. The challenges? As countries switch from coal, oil and gas to wind, water and sunlight to power their grids, the markets change. Competition gets fiercer, volatility increases and opportunities get bigger. And what about wind, water and solar energy? No one can precisely forecast how much there will actually be. INTERESTED? Please submit your…

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