Job description

The SNSPOOL (Southern North Sea Pool) is a sharing and pooling concept between nine oil and gas operators and logistics provider Peterson Den Helder B.V. In this collaboration, the operators share the resources needed to manage the supply chain of their North Sea Assets. Peterson is tasked with managing this supply chain in the most efficient manner. The sharing concept comprises (amongst others) activities such as storage, warehousing, transport, and the resources required for these activities. By organizing these for all parties combined instead of all parties individually, costs can be reduced, and efficiency improved.

The supply chain that Peterson oversees is riddled with uncertainty, both on sea and land. At sea, activities on platforms can take more or less time than planned for, the weather influences the travel time (or may inhibit travel altogether), and operators may come in with last-minute requests. These factors were studied in an earlier joint effort of ORTEC and Peterson. As a follow-up to this earlier study, we would like to investigate the influence of uncertainty on the activities on land (mainly the loading and offloading of cargo onto/from vessels). The list of uncertain activities and parameters includes, but…

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