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Road transport accounts for 16% of global emissions and emissions in this sector are rising faster than in others. Although the need for zero emission mobility was still debated a couple or years ago, today the urgency is there. As a result, developments around the electrification of transportation are accelerating so quickly that nowadays eMobility is relevant to nearly all ORTEC’s customers. In many cases, the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles (EVs) is already lower than those of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and from 2025 on many city centers are going to announce zero emission zones where emitting vehicles are not allowed.

There are still challenges to be solved though, and at ORTEC we believe that with mathematics and data we can support our customers in making the right decisions and overcome these challenges. As part of that vision, we are investigating if and how our products should be adapted to accommodate the shift. Among the many things we do at ORTEC, vehicle routing is one of our main focus areas. Our software routes big trucks to supply distribution centers, or smaller vans that deliver groceries to your house. But with traditional ICE vehicles being replaced by EVs, that puzzle is going…

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