Job description

We are looking for a Process Engineer who wants to participate in the Prysmian Development Program for the next 5 years. During this development program, you will be trained to become a future expert in the field of cable production in our main factories.

What we offer: A development program based on job and factory rotation (Delft, Arco Felice, Gron, Montereau & Abbeville). During the entire duration of the program (5 years), the person will be involved in a learning process in the 5 main HV cable production processes (Metallurgy, Insulation CCV, Insulation VCV, Jacketing/WAS, Submarine Armouring or factory connections). After the first 2 years of the program, the Process Engineer will have the opportunity to gain experience abroad in another factory (Arco Felice, Pikkala, Gron, Montereau, Abbeville) through an international assignment of 3 years OR through frequent trips – up to 6 months…

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