Delft Career Days

Since 1996, ‘Delft Career Days’ has been the best way for students and companies to get in touch with each other for internships, jobs and graduation projects. Last edition, over 150 companies participated in total, and approximately two-thirds of all Delft University of Technology students participated in Delft Career Days once during their time as students.


What's in it for you?

Delft Career Days consists of an annual series of four events. These events are intended to help students develop skills that are essential when looking for a job and to get to know companies in an accessible way. Students learn how to apply for a job at the Application Trainings, after which they get in contact with all companies at the Orientation Days. Subsequently, students are given the opportunity to have informal, exploratory talks with company representatives of interesting companies during the Coffee Dates. Finally, there is the possibility to visit companies during the In-House Days. All four events can lead to a job, internship or graduation project.

Delft Career Days
Technical students