Our added value to your recruitment team

We would like to welcome you to our platform and are eager to tell you all about how we can help you find the right people for your company. Read on to learn more on how we can be of added value in your recruitment process.


One platform

One single platform to reach all TU Delft students, instead of multiple segregated websites you need to manage.

Wide reach amongst TU Delft students

The connected study associations already reach over 10.000 students from Delft University of Technology. 

Full control

Have full and immediate control over your content. Directly add or edit vacancies and events with the click of a button.

What our students can offer

Engineering competences

The TU Delft ranks consistently as one of the best technical universities in Europe and delivers top-notch engineers.

Analytically strong

TU Delft students are widely praised for their analytical skills that they can apply to a multitude of cross-industry challenges.

Extracurricular activities

Next to their studies TU Delft students often engage in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, thereby strengthening their social and organisational skills.

How we see the future


We plan to provide you with advanced analytics about your vacancies. This will help you to evaluate your recruitment strategy as well as the effectivity of our platform.

Even greater reach

We expect more study associations to join DelftCareerPlatform early 2018. This will further increase the reach of DelftCareerPlatform and ultimately the number of students looking at your vacancies.

Your wishes implemented

We are actively looking for feedback from recruiters to further improve this platform. Furthermore, we are open to even more close cooperation, for example by directly connecting to your recruitment software.

Interested? Get in touch!