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DCD is the perfect way for both students and companies to meet and greet. Even better: to find the best match for technical internships, jobs, and graduation assignments. This is something we dare to stand for. DCD attracts over 150 companies and thousands of students of the TU Delft yearly. Only very few students do not know the largest technical career fair of the Benelux (yet). Around two third of all TU Delft students does attend DCD at least once during their time studying.

If you get the chance to find your dream job, ultimate internship, or ideal graduation assignment, would you take it? DCD, the largest technical career fair in the Benelux, offers you exactly that. DCD consists of four annual events. With each event you get to know the different companies better and better. Meet interesting companies, discover what you are looking for, and develop job application skills. DCD kicks off with the Application Trainings where experts give you the best tips and tricks. From writing an application letter to having your first job interview. The Orientation Days, the core of DCD,…

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