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Hi there talented Engineers! We are Magneto, a pioneering startup dedicated to advancing the field of sustainable magnetocaloric heating and cooling. Our team currently consists of approximately 10 highly skilled individuals, and we're eagerly searching for an Engineer to join our ranks.

About Magneto: In Magneto, we believe that we don’t have to sacrifice our planet for our comfort or vice versa. Current heating and cooling systems are some of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. Our solution based on state-of-the-art magnetocaloric technology offers an alternative to producers of appliances for cooling and heating. An alternative with zero greenhouse gas emissions saves their clients around 30% of power consumption and has a lower cost of ownership. Using cutting-edge additive manufacturing technology, we produce 3D-printed magnetocaloric materials, revolutionising the cooling and heating industry and enabling highly efficient, gas-free and sustainable refrigeration, air…

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